Energy Efficiency
Waste Management
Alternative Transportation

At Martin Selig, we know that there are many benefits to greater sustainability. This is something that has been a priority for years. Not only do we strive for this in new projects, but we also invest in sustainability updates for our existing properties. We are committed to innovation and greater social and commercial responsibility. This shift benefits the environment, creates healthier work environments, and reduces costs for our tenants and us.

We have achieved on many of our existing properties and are pursuing LEED certification for all our new developments. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the certified standard of leadership in sustainable design and use. It is a highly sought after green building certification, and we are proud of our success in this field. We know that green features are important to many of our tenants when making decisions about leasing space, and having this certification proves our commitment to meeting this need. In Seattle, office space that is LEED certified isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your business.

Throughout our history, we have continuously invested in the latest in energy efficiency; a number of our buildings are Energy Star certified. From elevator renovations, to efficient light bulbs and building materials, we know that staying ahead of the innovation curve encourages fiscal and environmental responsibility.

We promote widespread recycling and composting in our buildings, and are located close to public transportation lines, which also help reduce our footprint.

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