Energy Efficiency
Waste Management
Alternative Transportation

All Martin Selig Real Estate properties are located within easy access of public transportation, so tenants may take advantage of a wide variety of train and bus lines in commuting to a from work. Information regarding public transportation can be found in every lobby. In some cases, this information is displayed on a map accompanied by brochures that visitors to the building may take with them; in others, public transformation information can be accessed via an electronic console placed prominently in the lobby.

Furthermore, in the 5th and Yesler, 635 Elliott, and 645 Elliott buildings, spaces are reserved specifically for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles. These spaces are designated by clearly marked signs and located close to elevator banks.

Martin Selig Real Estate is also preparing to take part in the EV Project, installing electric vehicle charging stations in a number of its parking lots. The EV Project is an initiative launched in 2009, overseen by ECOtality, Inc. and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The analysis of data collected at EV Project charging stations will be used to improve North America’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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