Barbara Hepworth

Three Obliques

By Barbara Hepworth
Location: 635 / 645 Elliott
Created in 1969
Acquired in 2006

Martin Selig acquired “Three Obliques” in 2006. This sculpture was created in 1969 by well-known British Artist Dame Barbara Hepworth. Born in Yorkshire, England in 1903, Hepworth is known for her work in the modernist style of sculpture, and for spending her 50-year career making a name for herself in a male-dominated profession.

Most of Dame Hepworth’s sculptures can be found in the United Kingdom, including in the Tate Gallery in London, Leeds Art Gallery, and other locations around the world. “Three Obliques” is one of three statues of its kind: one is located outside the Cardiff University School of Music, in Cardiff, Wales, one at Chatsworth House, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in Derbyshire, England, and the third right here in the Puget Sound, located at 635 Elliott West, in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.