“Art gives you a feeling.”
– Martin Selig

Walk through the doors and stroll the grounds of a Martin Selig Real Estate property and you’ll notice something immediately: art. It’s everywhere you look.

From the frescos hanging on the walls, to the large murals adorning the lobbies, to the massive sculptures rising up from the courtyards—as a Martin Selig Real Estate tenant, you get to experience these beautiful, significant works every day.

Martin himself has collected art throughout his life. It’s a shared passion that comes from generations of Selig family art enthusiasts. For Martin, the connection to art is personal and deeply rooted. He wants everyone to enjoy art in the way it speaks to each individual.

“I choose these works because I believe they add a lot to the character and personality of the building,” Martin says. At Martin Selig Real Estate, we believe these thoughtfully chosen artworks enrich the experience for all who work, visit and do business at our properties.