Emilio Greco


By Emilio Greco
Location: 3101 Western
Created in 1972
Acquired in 2017

Estrellita by Emilio Greco is one of the newest additions to Martin Selig’s collection. This elegant female sculpture reflects Greco’s affinity for the elongated and balanced forms of Mannerist art, which is traditional in his native Italy. Estrellita is located in front of 3101 Western and welcomes visitors as they pass by.

Emilio Greco was a Sicilian engraver, sculptor, and medalist. He started sculpting at age 13, where he explored various forms of sculpting and bronze. His work gained popularity during the 1960’s and 1970’s across Italy and throughout Europe. His displays can be found at celebrated art museums around the world including the Tate Modern in London, The Royal Museum of Fine Art in Brussels, Hiroshima Museum of Art in Japan and more.