In-House Construction

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we manage projects from start to finish. Our in-house construction team enables us to deliver timely results and get our tenants exactly the spaces they’re looking for. From up and coming tech companies, to law firms, to accountants and more, our team will help you create the space your company needs to thrive. When you choose MSRE, you’ll benefit from the following features:

  • Custom Build Outs: Office spaces come in many shapes and sizes. From segmented offices for guaranteed privacy, to open office spaces that facilitate conversation and teamwork, we can help you create the exact space your team needs. When a new tenant comes to us, they are encouraged to facilitate their own design.
  • Architectural Planning: If your company has unique office requirements but you aren’t sure exactly what that space might look like, we’ll connect you with architects who are specialists in space planning to help you create the space your team needs.
  • Budget Development: Our team will create a detailed budget so you’ll know the final price of what this space will be. You’ll have time to value engineer the project, if necessary, and create the space that will meet your company’s financial needs.

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24/7 Operations Response

All Martin Selig Real Estate buildings offer a 24/7 call response team to address after hours emergency and access issues so maintenance problems never keep you from doing business. Our 24/7 operations response team includes:

  • Our “no call goes unanswered longer than 24 hours” policy.
  • All operations are in-house, so we don’t waste time reaching third party contractors. We’re your “one stop shop” for all janitorial, heating, cooling and maintenance needs.

To reach operations call: 206-386-5100

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In-House Landscaping

Our properties are maintained with elegant landscape designs to keep your building clean, open, and beautiful. Some benefits of our in-house building landscaping services include:

  • A full team of experts who facilitate interior and exterior landscaping. From maintaining lawns and gardens, to lobby floral arrangements catered to each season, our team will ensure your office building is beautiful and elegant.
  • Many of our buildings feature some of Seattle’s favorite art installations, all of which are part of Martin Selig’s personal art collection.

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