Tenant since 2004

Tenant Chuck Stempler - AlphaGraphics

Chuck Stempler

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we believe in building long-term relationships. We couldn’t have built Seattle’s best office, retail and living spaces without creating lasting partnerships with our valued tenants.

And for over 50 years, our close-knit team of designers, developers and property managers have been working to keep local businesses thriving, including Seattle’s own AlphaGraphics.

“3131 Elliott is a wonderful place to be! Our 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, offices and a 24-hour production day offer our clients a full-service one-stop printing solution.”

“Back in 2004, when we discovered this beautiful space, there were some negotiations around moving a business of our size. That was the beginning of our opportunity to work with Martin Selig Real Estate—and we became very big fans!”

“We were trying to consolidate from very small spaces in multiple locations. We were able to construct a deal with Martin Selig Real Estate where they took us out of separate leases and very promptly built out a space for us.”

“Now, almost 10 years later, we recently renewed our lease for another decade. An example of the PARTNERSHIP, was when Martin Selig Real Estate actually added an additional 750 square feet adjacent to our current space specifically in our colors and carpeting, because they are that confident that we’ll grow into that space. We could literally move in as fast as we can connect our phones and computers. That type of VERY PROACTIVE INVESTING in their clientele is a huge value to me. It’s been just an outstanding experience being their tenant.”

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we continually work with you to ensure you have the perfect space as your business evolves. Whether you’re looking to scale up, lock in a lease or consolidate multiple offices, we’re here for everything your business needs.

Queen Anne Physical Therapy

Tenant since 2013

Tenant Jennifer Queen Anne Physical Therapy

Jennifer Lesko
Senior Director

Our team of designers, builders and developers has created some of Seattle’s most innovative Class-A commercial buildings and properties, and we’d love to do the same for you and your business. From simple enhancements to technically advanced custom-builds, we partner with our tenants to create spaces built to their exacting needs, like those of Jennifer Lesko of Queen Anne Physical Therapy, located in our North Tower property in Queen Anne.

In 2013, Jennifer decided it was time for Queen Anne Physical Therapy to upgrade its office space.

“Queen Anne is part of our business name and we wanted to stay local,” explains Jennifer. “So when space became available across the street, we jumped at the chance.”

“Martin Selig Real Estate custom-built our office to our specifications. They were very open to our input and direction. The process was super fun. They came to our original space to see how things already looked and what we liked and didn’t like. It was great!”

“During the build-out, if there was an issue, our Martin Selig Real Estate rep would just come over and ask, ‘Hey, how do you want this?’ and I’d just hop over and immediately be able to answer questions face to face. I liked that.”

“They are always RIGHT ON IT and they COME RIGHT OUT and are very responsive to our needs when we need maintenance or if we need anything changed design-wise. We always know who we’re dealing with and they’re an absolute pleasure to work with—very neighborly!”

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we see possibilities in every space. We would love to partner with you to create a space as unique as your business.

The Gottman Institute

Tenant Michael The Gottman Institute

Michael Fulwiler

The Gottman Institute, one of the world’s leaders in science-based relationship advice, counseling, and clinical training, has been an MSRE tenant in Belltown since early 2017. Their business is built upon fostering healthy relationships and quality communication, and they wanted an office that reflects those values.

“Our open office space encourages collaboration, communication, and community,” said Michael Fulwiler, the Gottman Institute’s editor-in-chief. “We are committed to the care and support of our team by providing a comfortable and elegant office space in which our team can thrive. We know that compassion must begin with ourselves, so our central and prominent location communicates how seriously we take our work.”

Fulwiler said their sweeping views and MSRE’s supportive staff make their space a beautiful and comfortable place to spend their days.

“Our team is consistently looking out the windows at the beautiful vistas, and our clients often comment on how prestigious our office space is,” he said. “The Martin Selig Real Estate support staff are wonderful. They make our office feel like home!”


Tenant since 2016

Tenant ReachNow


ReachNow, the mobility services division of the BMW Group, is committed to shaping the future of urban transportation. With their fleet of BMW and MINI vehicles, they offer short-term and long-term car rentals and rideshare services in Seattle, Portland, and Brooklyn. Their Seattle office is located in Belltown at MSRE’s 2118 Third Ave. space.

ReachNow’s service is built upon sharing and mobility, and they wanted that to be apparent in their office design.

“We designed the space to embody the values of ReachNow — open, transparent, collaborative, fast-moving, and connected to the culture of the communities that we serve,” the ReachNow team told MSRE. “No one has an office — not even our CEO… In fact, when we first moved in, there were no seat assignments to model how our service allows cars to be picked up or dropped off anywhere in our service area.”

ReachNow moved into this office just weeks before they launched their service in Seattle. This space initially functioned as retail, customer services, and offices, and has since evolved to support their growth-driven focus.

“We’ve loved our partnership with Martin Selig Real Estate,” they said. “As a young startup, it’s great to feel the support from the entire staff for us and our mission. As we’ve continued to grow, it has felt like the Martin Selig team has been among our biggest fans.”