L’s One Up One Down Excentric

By George Rickey
Location: Elliott Bay Office Park
Created in 1982
Acquired in 2016

Martin Selig acquired this George Rickey sculpture in 2016. Created in 1982 , this stainless steel work of art has two blades that form an “L” shape. These L-shaped blades were carefully constructed to swivel in the wind, adding an element of movement to the piece. This mobile art installation is located at Elliott Bay Office Park.

Born in Indiana in 1907, George Rickey was an American sculpture with a lifelong passion for art. He studied art at two universities in France before pausing his art career to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II. While in the Army, Rickey worked as an engineer building and designing aviation weaponry. During that time he became familiar with mechanical construction, which is represented in many of his sculptures that showcase elements of movement.