Building Better Communities, for Our Community: Martin Selig Real Estate’s Commitment to Seattle

Building Better Communities, for Our Community: Martin Selig Real Estate’s Commitment to Seattle

Martin Selig Real Estate (MSRE) is more than just a property development company; it is a dedicated member of the Seattle community. With a strong focus on community engagement and investment, MSRE has been actively shaping and supporting the growth of Seattle. From investing in public spaces to fostering local partnerships and supporting non-profits, MSRE is working to build a better community, for our community. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways MSRE has contributed to the Seattle community, showcasing its commitment to creating vibrant and thriving neighborhoods.

Showcasing Seattle’s Vibrant Spirit through Public Art

MSRE understands the importance of integrating art into urban landscapes, not just as a decorative element, but to celebrate the city’s unique spirit. From awe-inspiring paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, MSRE has commissioned talented artists to create captivating artworks throughout its properties. Not only do we believe in accessible art, but our installations also act as tourist attractions. Our most notable installations include The Red Popsicle and What Goes Out Always Comes Back by Catherine Mayer, Adam by Botero. By investing in public art, MSRE celebrates Seattle’s unique culture and works to provide accessible art for everyone within the city to enjoy.

Investing in Public Infrastructure and Community Spaces:

MSRE understands the importance of public spaces and infrastructure for the overall well-being of a community. Through strategic investments, MSRE has played an instrumental role in the development and improvement of community infrastructure in Seattle. By collaborating with local authorities and community stakeholders, MSRE has helped to create a pedestrian sky bridge and support sustainable urban environments. Such infrastructure investments have not only enhanced the quality of life for residents but also attracted businesses and economic growth to the city.

In addition to supporting infrastructure, MSRE creates community spaces within its developments. These spaces serve as gathering points, fostering interaction among residents of the city and enabling a sense of shared belonging. By designing spaces that encourage socialization and connection, MSRE nurtures strong bonds within its communities.

Supporting First Responders:

First responders are the backbone of any community, and MSRE acknowledges their invaluable contribution. By providing resources, space, and support to local fire stations, police departments, and emergency services, MSRE plays an active role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Seattle residents. Through partnerships and sponsorships, MSRE fosters a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude for the dedication and sacrifices of the city’s first responders.

Empowering Non-Profits:

MSRE recognizes the vital role that non-profit organizations play in addressing various social and community needs. By providing space and support to non-profits, MSRE enables these organizations to carry out their essential work effectively. Whether it is offering office spaces, event space, or collaborating on community initiatives, MSRE actively engages with non-profits to create a positive and lasting impact on the Seattle community.

Sponsoring Community Organizations

MSRE understands that a strong community relies on collaboration and cohesion. As such, the company proudly sponsors community organizations like the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID). By supporting these vital groups, MSRE strengthens the fabric of Seattle, ensuring the city thrives as a united and compassionate community.

Enhancing Tenant Experience

At the core of any community are its residents. MSRE goes the extra mile to enhance tenant experiences by offering various programs and perks including fitness classes, pop up coffee bars, and retail discounts at our properties. MSRE fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our tenants, working to build a strong community within each building.

The Modern: A Community-Driven Multi-Family Asset

MSRE’s commitment to community-driven development culminated in the launch of “The Modern,” a residential high-rise designed to offer a world-class resident experience. Located in downtown Seattle, The Modern offers frequent events connecting residents to the broader Seattle community and culture, and a two-story conservatory acting as the building’s resident hub. Located near the city’s best restaurants, dining, and entertainment, The Modern offers residents the opportunity to both connect with neighbors and the broader Seattle area.

At MSRE, community is at the heart of everything we do. From developing community hubs that bring people together, to building community parks within our properties and installing public art that inspires, we believe in designing environments where people can thrive, interact, and build lasting memories in the city we call home.

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