The Most Sustainable Development? The One That Lasts.

The Most Sustainable Development? The One That Lasts.

Happy Earth Month! While we may be celebrating now, we’re committed to building a more sustainable environment every day.

We take our responsibility to the planet seriously; making decisions that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. MSRE is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable operating practices and infrastructure at each property.

Keep reading to learn more about our philosophy, guiding principles, and how we’re working to build a more sustainable world.

The Most Sustainable Buildings Are the Ones That Last

We believe that truly sustainable buildings are the ones that stand the test of time. As long-term holders, we take pride in developing buildings that will serve our community for years to come, both aesthetically and structurally.

Most recently, we’ve taken this philosophy to new heights in our adaptive reuse developments. At our two most recent projects, 400 Westlake and the Federal Reserve Building, we furthered our mission and brought new life and longevity to landmark buildings while honoring their architectural integrity.

…But They’re Only as Sustainable as Their Operations

At MSRE, we understand that sustainability goes beyond the design and construction phase. It’s about how a building is operated and maintained over its lifetime. That’s why we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable operating practices and infrastructure at each of our properties.

At each property we:

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Of 3,663 benchmarked buildings in Seattle, MSRE ranks in the top 60 for energy efficiency in both the Large Office and Mid-Sized building categories. Throughout our portfolio, we have 3 LEED-certified buildings, 11 Energy Star-certified buildings, and 1 Net-Positive building.

Landscape with Native Plants, Organic Fertilizer, and More

Our team uses native plants, organic fertilizer, and animal-safe materials to promote biodiversity and support local pollinators.

Reuse and Recycle Construction Materials

At MSRE, nothing goes to waste. We use our excess building materials to spruce up older spaces, do repairs, and recycle all remaining project waste.

Use Green Cleaning supplies in our Janitorial Services

Leaving our tenants’ spaces sparkling while protecting the environment.

Provide Eco-Friendly Paper Products

Including bamboo toilet paper and paper towels made from recycled materials.

Offer Expanded Recycling and Compost

Supporting our tenants to reach their sustainability goals, while minimizing our carbon footprint as a community.


Our Latest Sustainability Feat

Most recently, we have taken its passion for sustainable design to new heights upon completing 400 Westlake— Our reimagination and restoration of the Landmark Firestone building.

As the largest and tallest building in Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program, 400 Westlake uses cutting-edge technology like photovoltaic panels and a chilled beam system to generate 105% of the energy it consumes.

In addition to energy savings, 400 Westlake is designed to collect 100% of rainwater and features an underground reservoir to store and treat the rainwater for use on-site.

Today, 400 Westlake stands as the most sustainable office building of its size and type in the United States.


Certifications to Celebrate

We work diligently to ensure our buildings operate efficiently. With a focus on meeting Energy Star Certification requirements and sustainable operating practices, MSRE’s passion for environmental stewardship is longstanding. In 2008, MSRE was granted the Seattle City Light award for exemplary energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Within Seattle, MSRE boasts 3 LEED-certified buildings, 11 Energy Star-certified buildings, and 1 Net-Positive building. These certifications reflect our commitment to building and operating sustainable structures.

Energy Star Certified Properties

LEED Certified Properties

This is all thanks to the MSRE Maintenance teams who keep a close eye on building efficiency and operating practices. MSRE has also taken advantage of Seattle City Light incentives to further enhance sustainability measures in older buildings. Recent initiatives include installing new hydronic recirculation pumps at Elliott Bay Office Park and 4th & Blanchard and implementing variable speed frequency drives at 3101 Western.

Martin Selig Real Estate’s Commitment to a Greener Future

Our sustainability efforts are not just about meeting certification requirements; they’re about actively working towards reducing energy consumption, improving building performance, and making decisions that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. As part of our long-term goals, we plan to transition to all-electric energy sources within the next 5 years to further improve emission standards across our portfolio.

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we’re proud to rank among the top-performing buildings in the Seattle market for energy efficiency. By prioritizing energy efficiency, utilizing green operating practices, and developing with intention, we’re demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices and contributing to a greener future for the neighborhoods we serve.

This Earth Day, and every day, we’re dedicated to building a more sustainable future. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and together, we can make a difference.

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