Celebrating 10 Years at MSRE: Jordan Selig’s Impact, Lessons, and the Future Ahead

Celebrating 10 Years at MSRE: Jordan Selig’s Impact, Lessons, and the Future Ahead

Jordan Selig, with her unparalleled dedication and visionary leadership, has undoubtedly made her presence felt during her 10-year tenure at MSRE. As we reflect on her major accomplishments over the past decade and explore the future of MSRE, it’s clear that her influence extends far beyond blueprints and structures.

A Decade of Achievements

Over the past 10 years, Jordan Selig has overseen and led a series of remarkable accomplishments that have shaped the trajectory of MSRE and Seattle’s real estate landscape.

With Jordan Selig’s guidance, MSRE has successfully navigated complex design review and permitting processes for several prominent projects, including 3rd & Lenora, 400 Westlake, 800 Alaskan, 3rd & Virginia, 401 Queen Anne, and more. Her leadership has enabled the simultaneous design and permitting of multiple projects, with three of them breaking ground and becoming integral parts of Seattle’s urban fabric. These achievements highlight her ability to lead teams of skilled professionals, consultants, contractors, and engineers to bring ambitious visions to life.

Deep Engagement in the Real Estate Community

Selig’s commitment to professional growth and community engagement extends beyond the projects themselves. She actively participates in organizations such as the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA), UW Real Estate Center, the 2030 District, and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Through these engagements, she has immersed herself in the broader real estate landscape, locally and nationally. This exposure has allowed her to learn from others and bring valuable insights back to Seattle, enhancing MSRE’s approach to development.

Selig’s involvement in advocacy and legislative processes underscores her dedication to sustainable, innovative, and community-conscious development. Her initiatives resonate with MSRE’s core values, creating a harmonious blend of visionary building and community stewardship.

Diversification and Growth

Selig’s leadership has been pivotal in MSRE’s expansion and diversification efforts. Notably, the launch of the first multifamily project, The Modern, marked a significant step towards diversifying the company’s portfolio. With a focus on sustainability and quality design, Selig has driven MSRE’s mission to improve people’s lives through engaging and iconic buildings.

Lessons in Leadership

Jordan Selig’s journey at MSRE is a testament to the impact that hard work, visionary leadership, and collaboration can have. Her dedication to teamwork and problem-solving under pressure has not only resulted in tangible projects but has also imparted invaluable lessons.

The past 10 years have taught Selig the art of leadership amidst diverse backgrounds, motivations, and skill sets. She has learned how to unify a team toward common goals, an essential trait in the complex world of development. Her focus on collaboration and teamwork to solve intricate problems has not only contributed to project success but has also nurtured a work culture that thrives on optimism, innovation, and solution-oriented thinking. This collaborative spirit has transformed us into a dynamic force capable of overcoming even the most complex obstacles.

The journey through real estate development is one laden with challenges and surprises. From learning to listen more and speak less to acknowledging one’s own limitations, her growth as a leader mirrors the growth of MSRE itself.

Paving the Path Forward

Throughout her journey at MSRE, Jordan Selig’s mission has remained constant: to create a sustainable company that encompasses environmental, social, and economic sustainability. This mission reflects the company’s portfolio, with LEED and Energy Star certifications, iconic architecture, and timeless design. Selig’s commitment to improving lives through thoughtful development underscores her dedication to creating lasting legacies within communities.

As MSRE looks to the future, Jordan Selig’s vision continues to drive the company’s trajectory. While market conditions may prompt adjustments in execution, the core mission remains steadfast. Diversification, sustainability, and responsible growth remain central to MSRE’s future endeavors.

Her focus remains on growing and developing more housing and continuing to play an active role in the community’s evolution. With a commitment to maintaining the legacy of iconic buildings and fostering community engagement, her leadership promises to shape not just MSRE’s future but the very fabric of Seattle itself.

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