Meet The Team: Ilich Vahimi

Meet The Team: Ilich Vahimi

Born in Iran and raised in Vancouver B.C., Ilich Vahimi now calls Seattle home. He’s had a lifelong passion for all things architectural and started working for Martin Selig Real Estate in 2009. He brings his experience from years of working in construction and architecture, dedication to customer service, and years of mentorship from Martin to the leasing team.

Holistic Approach

Ilich takes a holistic approach as a leasing agent. His ability to discuss unique spaces and noteworthy building design paired with his commitment to building relationships with his tenants and dedication to finding the best solution sets him apart.

This job, Ilich says, doesn’t feel like a job. He says his wife is sometimes surprised at how cheery he is in the morning and how excited he is to go to work. He loves the family mentality of his team and their dedication to bringing their customers the most value and create the same family experience.

Learning the Business From Martin 

Ilich credits his time spent learning the business with Martin for his success. After going on a building tour with Martin, Ilich, at the time a project manager, was intrigued by the agent role. Known as the office Chess guru, Ilich challenged Martin to a game of Chess. If he lost, he said, Martin could give him a demotion, but if he won, Martin would have to teach him everything he knew about leasing. Martin bypassed the Chess game, but took Ilich under his wing, letting Ilich shadow him on the job and quizzing him about areas of improvement.

From admiring his ability to make instant decisions, to driving to Vancouver to meet his family, Ilich see’s Martin as an invaluable mentor. He says from day one, he and Martin have been able to relate, stemming from their similar origins: At a young age, Martin escaped from Nazi Germany, and Ilich’s family escaped from Iran with nothing but the shirts on their backs and turned to Canada as a sanctuary and quickly called it home.

Outside of Martin Selig Real Estate

Though Ilich spent most of his life in Canada, he says these days crossing the border into Washington feels more like coming home. When he’s not at work, Ilich is a huge sports fan and enjoys playing hockey. He’s also been something of a serial entrepreneur throughout his life, ranging from starting his own construction company in high school, to his most recent endeavor of creating the acQuaMD, a device to prevent swimmer’s ear, ear infections, and aural disease. He’s also an avid traveler and Bora Bora, Tahiti is the next destination on his list.

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