Architects’ Perspective: Top Wants in the Search for Commercial Real Estate  

Architects’ Perspective: Top Wants in the Search for Commercial Real Estate   

Construction is reaching a new peak as Seattle tops the nation as the city with the most tower cranes for the third straight year in a row. As numerous buildings are under development in the downtown core and surrounding urban neighborhoods, finding the perfect space for your next storefront, office space or startup can feel overwhelming. What should you be looking for? What kind of real estate development company has your best interests in mind, and how can you tell the difference?  In other words, what are the top ten commercial real estate wants in Seattle today?

To find out, we talked with David McDaniels, a long-time construction management/architectural associate at Martin Selig Real Estate. Leading an amazing new development right now at 15th & Market, he shared what he sees as the top must-haves in Seattle commercial real estate development today.

15th and Market
Right in the cultural hub of Ballard, Martin Selig Real Estate plans to debut its northernmost outpost – a brand-new five-story combined retail and office space, on the corner of 15th Avenue NW and NW Market Street in Seattle

1. Location Location Location

This is hands-down one of the most important aspects of Seattle commercial real estate development . As our skyline grows, your next headquarters or office must be easy to access, safe, visually astounding, and close to the vibrancy of its neighborhood.

Our five-story, 230,000 sq. ft. development located on the corner of 15th and Market will soon be considered the gateway to Ballard. Opening in spring 2019 as our northern-most outpost, this combined retail, and office space is within walking distance to an eclectic hub of shops, restaurants, and services that define the area. While there’s still 42,000 sq. ft still available for lease, it’s not hard to see why we are already welcoming amazing tenants like Target, Equal Exchange Coffee, WeWork, and the Polyclinic to this unique, central space.

2. First Class Office Design

Always expect the best, especially when it comes to commercial development and construction. Work with development teams that have a portfolio of diverse design work that speaks to the needs of their customers, today and tomorrow.

While most spaces in Ballard are built for individual uses, 15th and Market is a Class A office space and luxury building. With two, two-story-high glass encased lobbies that pull people in, the interior is beautifully designed and influenced by modern architecture. With underground parking (254 spaces) bike lockers, storage, showers, and even electric vehicle outlets, we have made it easy to commute and enjoyable to work.

3. A Nod to History

Seattle’s industrial and architectural history is nothing short of amazing. Buildings that tastefully harken to days gone by, while mixing in sleek modern elements quickly become sought-after spaces.

15th & Market is meant to serve as a central landmark in Ballard’s core, pulling in historical elements for the building’s exterior. The material palette for this project takes cues from Ballard’s industrial and fishing history using brick masonry, concrete, punched

openings, smaller front-facing windows, and warm wood tones. In step with Class A office design, the interior will be 100 percent modern complete with state-of-the-art lighting, HVAC, fiberoptic connectivity and elite functionality.

4. Managed Maintenance

It’s time consuming and inefficient to coordinate all aspects of building maintenance and care yourself. Work with a development company that has your back and anticipate a relationship based on trust and continual building beautification, maintenance, and support.

Over the years we’ve developed our mechanical, maintenance, and landscaping to move beyond first class. All the individuals who are hired to maintain 15th & Market will be in-house employees of Martin Selig Real Estate. From the garbage pickup to security and cleaning services to window washing, they are part of our professional team. This ensures consistent service and attention to detail, allowing tenants to focus on the business of running their business.

5. Connected to the Community

Look for a space that not only benefits your business but the community that surrounds it. Giving back is just as important as moving in.

At 15th & Market, we are designing a secluded outdoor courtyard in the center of the structure. With beautiful, year-round landscaping, expect greenery, comfortable seating, and serenity. The best part? It will be publicly accessible from NW Market Street. We want this to serve a quiet, calming space for the community and tenants alike.

6. An Eye on Art

Be sure to work with a development firm that has a strong respect for the local artistic community and a drive to integrate art into every facet of the building. Art speaks volumes and working within a space that’s intentionally infused with beauty takes your workday to a whole new level.

In the center of the public courtyard at 15th & Market, you’ll soon find Triad, a sculpture by Phillip Levine that has been part of Martin Selig’s collection for more than 30 years. This 14-foot sculpture of two women standing on a man’s shoulders was built to symbolize themes of weightlessness and freedom. There will also be two to three large pieces of artwork in both lobbies of the space and new additions as the interior continues to evolve and take shape.

7. Someone Who Can Get It Done

For commercial developers, huge challenges and financial commitments are nothing new. The level of commitment, teamwork and capability needed to successfully complete major construction projects is of utmost importance. Work with someone who brings the certainty and track record needed to get things done.

Martin Selig’s staff is in it for the long-term. The people on these teams – engineers, contractors, architects, etc. – have worked together for years. These teams trust one another, they have fun together, and they’re the A-Team of commercial real estate development.

8. With the Confidence, They are Going to do it Right

The norm of commercial real estate is to develop the property and sell it as quickly as possible. When that happens, corners get cut and quality moves lower and lower on the list of priorities. Why? Because there’s no future accountability if they’re just going to sell it.

That doesn’t happen at Martin Selig Real Estate. Here, we build to own. That means that once the building is completed, we don’t sell it. We attract top tenants and take care of them; we maintain the building for years to come and continually strive for perfection. We are the accountable real estate firm. We must be if we plan to have our name associated with the skyline of Seattle for the next 100 years. Our decisions are fundamentally sound because our goal is the successful long-term operation of every building in our portfolio.

Interested in learning more about 15th & Market? Visit us online to schedule a tour.

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