8 Ways To Modernize Your Office Space

8 Ways To Modernize Your Office Space

Updated June 20, 2018

The days of Mad Men, mandatory three-piece suits, and closed offices are ending. Though casual dress, open floor plans, and company canines were almost unheard of 20 years ago, they are commonplace in many modern office spaces.  

Our team at Martin Selig Real Estate is well-versed in the new and different ways to modernize office spaces (and if you are seeking a more traditional setup, we can help you with that too!). From furniture arrangements to canine companions, consider some of the following ways to upgrade your office.

Open Floor Plans

There’s no need to have an open door policy if your offices don’t have doors. Instead of private cubicles and solo offices, open floor plans create a great space for collaboration and communication.

Opting for this type of space may make it easier for different departments to work together and for teammates to openly and productively brainstorm. Martin Selig Real Estate’s in-house team can create a custom office space to meet your company’s unique needs!   

ReachNow‘s office uses an open floor plan to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Add Some Foliage

Plants are a great touch in any office. Bringing a little nature inside is offers a breath of fresh air during the work day and adds a bit of life to your space.

Get Creative With Your Furniture

Thinking outside the box when it comes to furniture is another way to update to your office space. From comfortable couches, to round meeting room tables to foster discussion, considering a variety of furniture options may help you modernize your office space.

Branded Signage and Office Art

If you often have clients coming into your office, having a strong sense of brand is important. Every interaction clients have with your brand reinforces their understanding of your company. Whether that means having branded signage, mission statements, or art and photography, your branded interior decor can showcase your company’s goals and vision.

Eleven Straight Lines by esteemed French sculptor Bernar Venet is one of Martin Selig’s many public art installations.

Standing Desks

Sitting all day isn’t great for you, but it’s hard to avoid in many work situations. Having standing desks available is one solution to this problem. These desks have also proven to increase productivity and overall health of employees.

Collaboration Stations

If open floor plans aren’t for you, perhaps having designated areas within your office for people to go to collaborate is your solution. Having tables, desks, or even couch areas where people can leave their individual areas and work as a team can be a great way to balance individual and group workflow.

The Gottman Institute believes in using communication and collaboration to build better relationships. Their Belltown-based office space showcases their commitment to working together!

Lunch and Lounge Areas

Lunching and lounging areas are also crucial places to consider within your office space. Having a lunch area where your team can dine at lunchtime without distracting others who are still working is key. Having a coffee station, healthy snacks, and a comfortable sitting area are a few simple ways to make the most of your breakout room.

Canine Companions

Having four-legged friends in your office offers many benefits including a more collaborative team and a better office morale. Opting for a dog-friendly workspace can also be a selling point for potential employees for whom animal care may be a barrier to entering a certain job.

Dog-friendly office spaces don’t only save employees the worry of leaving their pets home all day. They also offer many benefits for your team!

At Martin Selig Real Estate, we offer custom office space build-outs and are happy to work with you to meet your team’s needs. To learn more about our office spaces for rent in Seattle, visit our website today or give us a call at 206 467-7600 to schedule a tour.

To read more about trends in commercial real estate, check out our Managing Director, Jordan Selig’s thoughts on modern office spaces and on building in America’s innovation capital.

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