Three Benefits of A Dog-Friendly Workspace

Three Benefits of A Dog-Friendly Workspace

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, but only in recent times have dogs become a staple at many workplaces across the country. With cities becoming more and more dog friendly, and a number of establishments across Seattle welcoming dogs of all shapes and sizes, why not look for an office space where canine companions are welcome? If you’re not convinced about the benefits of having a yellow lab as your welcoming committee or a lap dog helping with your accounting, here are a few benefits of having a pet friendly workspace.

Dogs at Work Reduce Stress and Increase Morale

It’s easy to imagine how having a golden retriever in your office would boost your mood during a 2:00 p.m. slump. A recent study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management listed higher than average workplace satisfaction and lower stress at work with offices who had dogs. They also noted that among dog friendly offices, morale was notably higher on days when dogs came to work than when they did not.

Dogs Foster Collaboration and Trust

Coworkers who play with dogs together stay together, it’s a proven fact. A recent study by Central Michigan University showed increased rates of trust among teams who had dogs in their office spaces. Offices with canine companions also displayed better communication and collaboration among team members compared to control groups who had pet-free offices. Communication and trust are fundamental values for a high performing team, so canines should be on your list of considerations.

Dog-friendly workplaces are a popular trend in modern commercial real estate trend.

Dog-Friendly Workplaces Attract and Keep Employees

For many professionals, dogs are big parts of their families. In cities where dogs live in apartments or employees work long hours, many professionals take their dogs into account when choosing a workplace and planning their day to day lives. By having a dog friendly office space, you can eliminate employees concerns about leaving dogs alone for long hours or paying for expensive dog day care. Essentially, dogs can both help your team be happier and keep your employees with your company for years to come.

For dog lovers of all kinds, there are many tangible (and scientifically backed) benefits of having dogs in your workplace. Pet-friendly offices are benefits that will cost you little to nothing as an employer, but will keep your employees happy, healthy, and working together for years to come.

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