The Martin Selig Difference for Class A Office Buildings

The Martin Selig Difference for Class A Office Buildings

Are you looking to move into a new office space and wondering about the difference between Class A, Class B and Class C tenant classifications for office buildings? Martin Selig Real Estate is here to help.

These commercial property classifications indicate the general condition of the building, the location and the amenities the building has to offer. While business needs and rental rate affordability will help drive your decision, Martin Selig makes choosing your new office space a simple process with our high-quality options. 

The office space valuation system works from the top down: Class A office buildings are the best commercial buildings you can find, while Class C office buildings offer a functional work space on a lower budget and Class B office spaces fall somewhere in the middle. 

Class A office buildings, also known as Grade A, are the top tier when it comes to tenant classifications for office buildings. Generally, these are the newest and nicest buildings, boasting high-quality features and amenities in the most sought-after locations. Built for industry leaders and any business looking to impress clients and spectators alike, Martin Selig Real Estate has a portfolio of 32 Class A and Class B office buildings across the downtown core of Seattle. This gives tenants a broad selection of building types and locations that cater to their needs. Our tenants enjoy a wide range of amenities making these buildings truly stand out among the rest. 

Theses amenities include:


We manage projects from start to finish with our in-house construction team, guaranteeing you get the space you’re looking for in a timely manner. One of the various options the MSRE in-house construction team has to offer is custom build-outs. Whether you need segmented office spaces or an open floor plan, you choose the design that’s right for your team and we’ll make it come to life. If you need some help figuring out exactly what your space should look like, we’ll connect you with architectural specialists who can narrow down a plan. We’ll do all of this within a detailed budget that leaves you with no questions about the final price of your project and gives you room to work the space around your company’s financial needs.


All Martin Selig Real Estate buildings come with a 24/7 call response promise, able to address after hours emergency and access issues so maintenance problems don’t get in the way of your business thriving. We work under a “no call goes unanswered longer than 24 hours” policy that guarantees fast service, and all operations (janitorial, HVAC, electrical, and more) are done in-house to avoid the need for third-party contractors.


In addition to the captivating view of Seattle, our properties are maintained by a full team of experts who keep the interior and exterior landscaping looking top tier at all times. From elegant designs in the lawns and gardens to beautiful floral arrangements in the lobby, our landscaping team ensures your office building is always well-decorated. Another addition to many of our buildings is the stunning Seattle-favorite artwork and sculpture, all pieces that belong to Martin Selig’s personal art collection.

It’s more important than ever before to feel comfortable and engaged in your office space, and that’s why the Martin Selig difference matters. With the unique set of amenities and services offered in our high class buildings, both the tenant and the employee will have an enjoyable office experience. 

Whatever office needs your business has, Martin Selig is here to help. Contact us today to let our associates assist you in finding the ideal fit for your organization to thrive.

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