MSRE Breaks Ground on 400 Westlake

MSRE Breaks Ground on 400 Westlake

New property will be the most sustainable commercial office building of its size in the world.

Martin Selig Real Estate (MSRE) is breaking ground on 400 Westlake, the company’s newest project at the site of South Lake Union’s old Firestone Building. With this groundbreaking, MSRE is officially ushering in a new era of sustainable commercial development for downtown Seattle. Once completed, the property will be the greenest commercial building of its size in the world.

South Lake Union is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the country. Residential and commercial construction developments continue to generate an incoming flow of tech and biomedical companies such as Amazon, Google, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Juno Therapeutics and more. This thriving business district is a major hub for global innovation and presents the ideal location for a state-of-the-art building that promises to redefine the status quo.

For MSRE Executive Vice President Jordan Selig, the project at 400 Westlake is a critical step toward doing just that and pushing sustainable development boundaries. Ms. Selig’s objective is to provide class-A office space that helps tenants thrive, while proving environmental stewardship and responsible business decisions can coexist to the benefit of all. Once finished, 400 Westlake’s development and sustainable features will extend beyond Seattle to influence future commercial projects in major cities around the world.

400 Westlake’s Green Features Support a Fossil Fuel-Free Future

Within the building itself, the new 15-story tower includes $1 million worth of solar panels and is designed to incorporate natural lighting. The building will collect rainwater to provide water for flushing toilets and for non-potable irrigation. The green features go beyond the scope of normal commercial developments; the building will generate more energy than it consumes.

There is a growing sense that businesses and developers must take greater responsibility for their individual impacts on the environment. This notion comes at the right time, as Seattle’s downtown looks to elevate its identity on the global stage through continued growth and responsible development. MSRE’s 400 Westlake property will be a source of pride and inspiration for the city, as well as the future commercial tenants that call it home.

Ms. Selig’s focus on environmental responsibility has already influenced Seattle City Hall. She worked closely with the city to help draft the Living Building Pilot program, which is part of the city’s strategy to mitigate climate change impacts from the local construction and transportation industry. Through this program, new developments that meet environmental standards receive certain incentives like increased height allowances.

MSRE’s 400 Westlake building is an excellent example of the Living Building Pilot program positively  impacting local businesses and residents. Developments like 400 Westlake are laying the groundwork to help Seattle achieve its mission of a future free of fossil fuels.

MSRE Partners with Design Firm Perkins + Will

Big aspirations and high standards for environmentally responsible design do not just happen overnight. To help 400 Westlake come to life, Perkins and Will’s Seattle studio was the perfect long-term design partner for MSRE. A leader in sustainable architecture and design, the firm’s experience designing sustainable buildings was exactly what MSRE needed, especially since the unique sustainability goals of 400 Westlake presented curious complications. In close proximity to the project, Perkins and Will Seattle’s deep understanding of the surrounding neighborhood and sustainable design practices helped it tackle those complications with ease. Because of this partnership, 400 Westlake will be a tasteful addition to the South Lake Union neighborhood, an appealing work of art that can be admired by future Seattle residents and readers turning pages of glossy architectural magazines.

Even as MSRE looks to the future with 400 Westlake’s modern design features, the character of the past is still in focus. The original Firestone Building, constructed in 1929, was a defining symbol of South Lake Union’s “auto row.” The new 400 Westlake development will preserve the historic aspects of the original World War II-era building. Terra cotta ornaments on the south and west facades are characteristic of the Firestone Building’s original Art Deco style, and the original embossed Firestone crests will also be meticulously restored.

For Ms. Selig and MSRE, 400 Westlake’s groundbreaking represents a thrilling new chapter in the company’s iconic history shaping Seattle’s skyline. For future tenants, it’s an opportunity to be part of an elevated, sustainable commercial space and a major step closer to leasing office space in one of the premier buildings in the world.

What Future Tenants Can Expect in Spring 2022

Once complete, 400 Westlake will offer a total of 230,278 square feet of sustainable commercial office space. The open-concept, landscaped roof will feature views of Lake Union, providing 3,500 square feet of outdoor space. Future tenants can enjoy a coffee break or take a conference call as float planes perform a routine fly-by in preparation for landing. In addition, underground parking, bicycle storage and local Metro transportation will support every kind of commuter.

The MSRE team is thrilled to officially begin the construction phase of 400 Westlake’s development. The new property will be an achievement for environmental stewardship and urban design. Most importantly, it will be an innovative resource for future commercial tenants and a source of pride for local Seattle residents.

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