Celebrating 23 Years at MSRE | Matt Alisch’s Journey to CFO and the Years Ahead

Celebrating 23 Years at MSRE | Matt Alisch’s Journey to CFO and the Years Ahead

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, expertise, dedication, and a deep commitment to community development are essential qualities for success. Matt Alisch, MSRE’s Chief Financial Officer, exemplifies these qualities in every way.

Joining Martin Selig Real Estate in 2000, Matt has made an extraordinary impact on MSRE. Serving as Controller for 18 years, Matt managed all aspects of accounting, treasury management, and insurance. In this role, his meticulous attention to detail, big-picture mentality, and people skills were pivotal in bringing projects like 5th & Jackson, 3rd & Harrison, 3rd & Lenora, and many others to life. Since then, Matt has grown alongside the company and now serves as CFO where he oversees short and long-term financing, contract negotiations, and personnel management.

As we celebrate Matt’s 23rd anniversary at MSRE, it’s the perfect time to reflect on his remarkable journey and the invaluable contributions he has made to the company.

Two Decades of Success

Matt’s first introduction to MSRE was as a short-term accounting project in 1995. When business priorities shifted, Matt went off to other endeavors and graduate school at the University of Montana.  Always keeping in touch with MSRE, Matt was hired in October 2000 to manage the company’s computer network. This position filled about 10% of Matt’s time allowing him to jump into construction financing and follow what he truly enjoys doing – real estate finance.  Over the course of the next 20+ years Matt has helped to provide the necessary resources to assist in the acquisition, development, and operations of Martin Selig Real Estate’s portfolio of office buildings.

In reflecting on his major accomplishments at MSRE, Matt highlights the pivotal role he played as the main liaison between general contractors and construction lenders on each building developed since 5th & Jackson. From 635 and 645 Elliott, to 3rd & Harrison, 3rd & Lenora, 400 Westlake, and many others, Matt has been instrumental in ensuring smooth collaboration and successful project delivery.

In addition to bringing new projects to life, Matt has also successfully navigated MSRE through major economic cycles during his tenure. Overcoming hurdles and delivering buildings during financial crises showcase Matt’s resilience and strategic thinking. Additionally, Matt has faced development risks head-on by building in non-traditional office neighborhoods and developing projects with no pre-leasing in place. His ability to find success in new areas and navigate financing challenges based on strong relationships with institutions underscores his adaptability and deep understanding of the industry.

A People-Centric Leader

What sets Matt apart is not only his financial prowess but his people-oriented approach. This focus extends beyond MSRE’s internal operations and is reflected in his passion for driving the company’s commitment to providing the best tenant experience. He believes deeply in the importance of building and strengthening relationships within the community, viewing MSRE as a vital player in the ongoing development and growth of Seattle.

Internally, Matt serves as a liaison for all aspects of MSRE. When asking MSRE employees about working with Matt, he is often described as MSRE’s go-to person, demonstrating kindness and curiosity to all. “He is at the heart of everything we do. From financing, to operations, and employee initiatives, Matt plays a role in it all. No matter how busy, Matt makes sure he’s available to anyone who may need him and comes into meetings enthusiastic and looking to understand how he can play a part in employee and company success”. Matt embodies MSRE’s core values of relationships, community-building, and optimism in everything he does.

A cornerstone of his leadership is the maintenance of a lean company culture, enabling individuals to pursue their interests within the organization. This commitment involves promoting from within and encouraging team members to explore different areas of interest. Matt recognizes that this culture not only fosters employee satisfaction but also contributes to cost savings. Understanding the nuances of more than one department helps in a smooth adoption of vertical integration which aids in controlling costs and maintaining quality and is subsequently passed on to MSRE tenants. This approach allows MSRE to consistently provide a superior experience at a reasonable cost, aligning with Matt’s dedication to both internal success and external community impact.

Looking Into the Future

Matt’s main goal as CFO is to stay true to Martin’s vision while growing the company. He sheds light on this by emphasizing the importance of a nimble organization and valuing relationships. For MSRE, it’s not just about growth for the sake of expansion but about creating lasting connections with vendors and business partners. Matt stresses the significance of carefully choosing who MSRE does business with and, more importantly, how we demonstrate our value to our partners. Building strong relationships ensures not only the success of MSRE’s projects but also contributes to the overall growth of the real estate industry.

As we celebrate Matt Alisch’s 23rd anniversary at MSRE, it’s clear that his passion for people and commitment to excellence is reflected throughout the company. His journey to the role of Chief Financial Officer reflects his unwavering commitment, financial expertise, and dedication to the community. Matt’s story is not just a testament to his personal success but also a testament to the growth and success of Martin Selig Real Estate. As he continues to lead MSRE in new endeavors, Matt is committed to developing vibrant communities and fostering meaningful relationships.

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