Symbiosis: The Impact of Art Installations in Seattle Commercial Real Estate Development

Symbiosis: The Impact of Art Installations in Seattle Commercial Real Estate Development

The city of Seattle sparkles with public art installations that bring color and touches of artistic elegance into open plazas, waterfront pathways, and commercial spaces. This is partly in thanks to a percent-for-art ordinance that the city adopted in 1973 (one of the first cities in the United States to do so), which determined that 1% of municipal funds should be put toward the commission, purchase, and installation of artwork in public spaces. 

However, leaders in the Seattle commercial real estate development sector have not quietly stood by and watched as the city’s art scene has grown.

Martin Selig, founder of Martin Selig Real Estate (MSRE), has long been an avid artist and advocate of the art community. His original paintings are featured in the lobbies of every MSRE property, while the artwork of global and local artists has been brought into commercial spaces through Mr. Selig’s art acquisition initiatives.

Because of these initiatives, a Mannerist-style woman with elongated limbs (“Estrelita”) now stands guard over the entrance to 3101 Western, while a pair of bronze bench-sitters (“He and She”) can be seen lounging by Fourth and Blanchard with unconfined smiles. Art instillations in front of 4th and Blanchard │ Martin Selig Real Estate

The blending of art and architecture that comes about as a result of the Martin Selig art acquisition project is not unintentional. 

The MSRE art collection includes a blend of art and sculpture curated by Selig himself, thoughtfully set within the grounds of MSRE properties that celebrate their beauty. Martin Selig has been a long-time collector of art, and comes from a family where appreciating, preserving, and developing art has always been part of the conversation.

Preserving and developing art, Selig believes, goes hand-in-hand with preserving and developing the city of Seattle and its vibrant art scene. For him, integrating curated works of art into commercial spaces is less about building beautification, and more about creating a feeling that enriches the living and working experience of all tenants, guests, and pedestrians passing by. 

Public art in front of 645 Elliott West │ Martin Selig Real EstateBy pairing art and architecture, the character and atmosphere of the building that has been intentionally-crafted through its design can carry into the streets of the city of Seattle. Visitors are able to feel a continuation between the lobby and the public spaces outside as they pass by and view curated works of art specifically chosen with the building in mind. 

The MSRE art collection can be viewed by strolling through the city of Seattle and appreciating the many art and sculpture pieces installed beside or within Martin Selig Real Estate’s properties.

To see examples of art installations in Seattle commercial real estate development, begin by viewing “What Goes Out…Always Comes Back” (a recent acquisition installed in front of the Federal Reserve Building) or “Three Obliques” (installed between 635 Elliott West and 645 Elliott West). 

Or view our list of available properties to discover more instances of art and architecture set in harmony.

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